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GSMPress is a global informational resource that entirely covers the mobile-phone industry. The massive collection of related content presented in a user friendly way and professionally managed has already proved that it can ensure a high popularity of this web-site. Therefore GSMPress is the leading provider of specialized up-to date information, news, revolutionary B2P and B2B solutions that are successfully implemented and feature incredible results.

The Mission

The mission of GSMPress is to fulfill the informational needs related to the mobile technology world. The impressive developing pace that the GSM industry has been experiencing for the past decades increased the popularity that it shares nowadays. GSMPress has the mission to concentrate, present and organize all the information available in this industry and as a result to bring all the comfort possible in the process of searching information – everything is set in one place – GSMPress.

Members of our community can take advantages from all the benefits that GSMPress has to offer – a place where they can meet, talk, enjoy, study and find the best prices available. As our purpose is to establish order and objectiveness regarding prices, eliminating via competition merchants that provide the global community with prices that have tenuous arguments and basis as no taxes or delivery costs are included. To give the user the chance to choose from all the available offers means to give him the chance to find the best possible offer; and when such cases occur it means that our goals were successfully achieved.

When we speak about B2B solutions we mean that the web-site has the necessary utilities in order to become a global database for companies that conduct activities related to this industry. GSMPress creates the appropriate ambiance where all partnership opportunities can be found. As a consequence this web-site has the role of a technological bridge that establishes connections between all business entities – a process that will definitely have a positive impact on world’s economy and wellbeing.

The Philosophy

The public is revealing a constantly growing interest about details that are referred to their personal mobile devices. The first and the most common used informational resource in the twenty first century is the World Wide Web. Unfortunately its deconcentrated nature sometimes doesn’t guarantee the correctitude of the data that it contains and it has to offer. GSMPress is permanently streaming to provide the public with the most complete information available and the latest possible. But we don’t set the line here and we don’t plan to do it at all. That is why we are publishing only official information provided by manufacturers, in that way reducing to the minimum possible any wrongful data. Therefore quality is the value which identifies GSMPress. Because we strongly believe that user’s opinion has an imminent role in creating our profile and it is the only one that can determine future directions and principles.

The success formula

As long as the web-site will provide the world wide community with full range of products and services GSMPress will actually become the centre of the mobile-phone industry:


  • Fresh news published everyday
  • We provide users with verified and quality information
  • Transnational database that includes all companies, part of the mobile-phone industry
  • Efficient rating system expressing every user’s opinion regarding a product or a company’s services
  • Complete visual information for available products that you can buy from our partners: Photos (Front, Back and Side) and Video
  • Find more in-depth information about a product by  reading our expert’s reviews and also our user’s individual reviews
  • Navigate easily the web-site thanks to a user-friendly interface or by using our Site-map
  • Objective price listings that express all the available offers for a certain product
  • Find your business partner even if he is on the other side of the Atlantic, or part of the world
  • Don’t know what accessories are compatible for your mobile phone? Then check our Accessory section
  • Entirely searchable content of our database, mobile phones, news, and reviews
  • Find out what is the next mobile device that manufacturers are preparing for you in our Upcoming Section
  • Exchange information on our forum, and find answers to your questions
  • Download your favorite ring tone, animation, or game in our Ringtone section
  • Terms that are not familiar to you? Not any more. GSMPress features a Glossary too
  • May be you want to check out what specialized resources are available in the net – then please visit our Useful Links section
  • And many more features, all designed to make you feel comfortable and totally rely on our professional skills

About You

GSMPress is a provider of important industry news and quality reviews for the most popular mobile-devices. So be sure to know everything about a product, before you buy it. Our experts express an objective point of view and no marketing approaches are applied for this section of our web-site.

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