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Redpost - free file sharing service to send large files from the operator MTS

Redpost - free file sharing service to send large files from the operator MTS  - изображение

The mobile operator MTS has announced the launch of free file-sharing service to send large files: from photos, videos, music and presentations to software applications, files and documents. 

"We live and work in an era of high-information society, where the important rapid and secure exchange of information. Therefore, MTS pays special attention to the development of services, technology-based high-speed secure data, for everyday tasks. Redpost from MTS - a convenient way for quick, easy and free transfer of large files of any format, accessible to any Internet user ", - said director of the MTS product Pavel Roitberg. 
File sharing service Redpost allows the user to send big files to other users through web-interface, located at http://redpost.mts.ru. The user can send files to one or more different recipients simultaneously. With one user can send files up to a total of 2 GB. 
Use the new file-sharing service from MTS subscribers of any mobile operators, who have personal computers with access to the Internet. Service does not require registration on the site operator, for both the sender and the recipient of transferred files. 

To upload files the user must specify in this dialog box to send to the main page of the service redpost.mts.ru up to 20 email addresses of recipients to leave a return email address, and attach the files that he wants to send, and click "send." 

In the email address provided by the sender in the form of sending, recipients have been notified with information about the downloaded file. By clicking on the button "Download" in the letter, the recipient goes to a page of service, which can download the file you downloaded for it. 

At the sender's email notifications of successful delivery of files recipients. User uploaded files to send to recipients that are stored on the server Redpost no more than two weeks. 

The service redpost.mts.ru - free of charge, the user pays for access to the Internet, as well as the traffic generated when loading pages and files Service in accordance with the selected rate plan your ISP. 

All file uploads are checked for malicious software. Identified as a result of checking the infected files are filtered out, at the same time the sender notifications about deleting files that contain viruses. 



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